Are outdoor lights safe?

Are outdoor lights a fire hazard?

They’re not — unless they’re marked that way on the package. Lights designed for outdoor use are made to withstand cold and wet conditions. Indoor lights are safety tested so they’re not a fire hazard for trees, but they’re not durable enough for outdoors.

How do I know if my outdoor lights are safe?

The US Fire Administration recommends that consumers use only lights certified by an approved testing facility, so check the box before you buy. If you are decorating with last year’s lights brought up from the basement, the tag near the plug should tell you if they are outdoor or indoor lights.

Is it safe to put string lights outside?

The majority of C7 and C9 bulbs can be safely used in outdoor applications. Additionally, you can use incandescent bulbs outdoors as long as they are not exposed to water. If used outdoors, you should take the lights down instantly after an event.

Can I leave outdoor lights in the rain?

The possibility of several inches of rain, could mean all those outdoor Christmas lights and decorations become electrical hazards. … “If your lights go out this time of year, don’t go out in the rain and try to fix them,” said Elias. “Wait until it dries out. You can get an electrical shock from water transfer.

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Can outdoor lights start a fire?

Halogen Can Be Hazardous

If your landscape lighting system is more than a few years old, there is a good chance it is a Halogen system. … That 80% more energy is enough to generate the amount of heat needed to cause a fire in dry mulch or landscape clippings if not properly installed and maintained.

Is it safe to have outside lights on at night?

Should you leave outdoor lights on at night? No, leaving lights on can make intruders think that you’re not home. Use a motion sensor light that turns on when you, or anyone else, comes near so you have light only when you need it.

Can string lights cause a fire?

However, the temporary nature of Christmas lights does not mean that electrical safety should be compromised. Like with any other electrical device, careless use can cause a fire. There are three main ways to minimize the fire risks of Christmas lighting.

Can you leave outdoor string lights out in winter?

Modern outdoor lights are specially designed to be weatherproof and can be hung out all year round. Though most outdoor lights are weatherproof, you should check the wire and lights once a year and try to install them in a cool, dry place if possible to help them last longer.

Can you plug outdoor lights inside?

To begin with, we state with all of our outdoor lights that the plug should either be plugged indoors, or in a weatherproof outdoor socket. If you do need to use a plug socket indoors then don’t worry, as most cables can easily be run through a window or door.

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Can LED lights get wet?

The danger of an LED light being exposed to water is when it’s fully submerged. Electricity flows through the bulb, and because water is a conductor, it’s possible for electrocution to occur.