Can you cure gelish with LED lamp?

Can you use an LED light with gelish?

The Gelish®Touch MINI LED Light is designed for use with LED formulated gels and has specialized preprogrammed 30 cure times to ensure accurate total cure of LED gels. The LED light features 3 watts of Power, touch activated, portable, and acetone resistance.

Does Gelish cure with UV lamp?

Step 9 Apply a thin coat of GELISH SOAK-OFF POLISH of choice to the entire nail making sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds in the 18G LED Light or 2 minutes in UV Light. … Cure for 30 seconds in the 18G LED Light or 2 minutes in the UV Light.

Can you use a LED lamp to dry regular nail polish?

That’s right, you can turn ANY regular polish into a gel polish. It cures in a UV or LED lamp, is instantly dry and has the long-lasting wear of a gel polish.

Are LED lamps safe?

Today’s LED lights are just as safe as any other modern light source for your eyes, and, in fact, LED lights are used in skin and other health therapies because LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays like other types of light therapies (think fake tanning!).

What is the difference between LED and UV light for gel nails?

The main difference between the two lamps is the technology within them, the type of bulbs they contain, and the type of light they produce. UV lamps can take longer to cure your gel polish. … An LED lamp can cure a layer of gel polish in just 30 seconds, or flash cure a nail art design in just 15 seconds.

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