Do LED lights cause macular degeneration?

What kind of light is bad for macular degeneration?

Harmful Effects of Ultra-violet and Blue Light Ultra-violet light is that portion of the spectrum of invisible light below 286nm to 400nm, and is generally understood to be harmful to the eye, possibly leading to cataracts and other eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Are LED lights bad for your eyes 2021?

One study suggested that exposure to LEDs can accelerate the ageing of retinal tissue. It was thought that this may contribute to a decline in visual acuity, and bring on certain degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration.

What is the best lighting for someone with macular degeneration?

Halogen bulbs are brighter than regular incandescent or LED light bulbs which is why many people with macular degeneration (AMD) prefer these bulbs for their task lighting – for doing things like reading bills, writing checks and performing hobbies. Many people find that this type of lighting also enhances contrast.

Can you reverse macular degeneration?

At this time, there is no known cure for AMD. Be wary of supplements or “cures” for macular degeneration, as no one has the complete answer. The good news is that scientific research supports that diet and nutrition can promote good eye health.

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