Frequent question: What is the lowest watt g9 bulb?

What’s the lowest watt G9 bulb?

Lowest energy consumption. The G9-B1 consumes just 1.5W of energy, making it our most efficient G9 spotlight. Built to last. Featuring high power SMD LEDs, a frosted cover and a 25,000 hour lifespan, this G9 has been made to stand the test of time.

What wattage do G9 bulbs come in?

We have a wide variety of G9 LED bulbs and G9 halogen bulbs and capsules in 25W, 40W or 60W versions. Often used in integrated cabinet fittings and appliances, G9 capsules are easy to install and provide an excellent, low wattage lighting solution.

Can you dim G9 bulbs?

The G9 LED Bulb, 2W isn’t dimmable, but it offers the equivalent light of a 20W halogen, 100 lumens, whilst using just 2W! Why not kit the whole house out in power-saving LEDs – have a look at our huge range of LED light bulbs.

Can I replace G9 halogen with LED?

Yes, in many cases you can simply replace the lamps individually. Replacing existing incandescent or halogen lamps with long-life LED lamps offers many benefits. You benefit from an even better light output and you benefit from very low energy consumption.

Are G9 LED bulbs any good?

[excellent quality]: g9 led light bulbs over 30,000 hours lifespan, fewer lamp changes. and it was ce, rohs certified, safe for your family and the environment. [90% energy saving]: g9 3w led bulbs save over 90% of your electricity bill, outstanding service life of up to 30,000 hours!

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What is the highest wattage of a G9 LED bulb?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Enuotek
Wattage ‎10 watts
Maximum power 11 Watts
Item Package Quantity ‎6
Type of Bulb ‎LED

How many lumens does a G9 bulb have?

Most 40w G9 bulbs will produce approximately 12 lumens (the measure of light) per watt of power used (480 lumens), but these energy saving 28w versions will produce about 13.2 lumens per watt (370 lumens). To put this into context a regular 25w G9 bulb will produce about 250 lumens.

What are G9 LED bulbs used for?

G9 LED bulbs have a distinctive base type so they can only be used in fittings and fixtures that support it. They are commonly used as accent lighting, or in specialist decorative lighting features such as chandelier pendant lamps or something similar.