How do u connect your LED lights to your phone?

How do I connect my LED lights to my phone?

How to Use Smart LED Strip Lights with EZ Mode

  1. Step 1: Download LampUX App. Android and iOS users can go to the App store and download LampUX App on your phone, then register an account.
  2. Step 2: Set Up the Smart LED Light Strip. Turn on the LED strip lights and wait for 10 seconds. …
  3. Step 3: Connect the App.

Can I control my LED strip lights with my phone?

The Android App Dabble on your Smartphone is used to control the RGB LED Strip. Connect the Bluetooth of your Smartphone with the Bluetooth Module mounted on evive. Open the Gamepad Module. In the Gamepad module, each button has a different function corresponding to the RGB LED Strip.

What app do I use to control my LED lights?

Lumenplay® is an extendable string of app-enabled RGB LED lights that enables you to create scenes of color and motion, all from your smart device. Use the free Lumenplay® app to setup a personalized light show by choosing color combinations, effects, speed, direction and brightness.

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Can LED lights play music?

Can You Connect LED Lights to Music? You cannot connect LED strip lights directly to a music source. Nevertheless, most LED strip lights with a music-sensitive controller come with music mode. With music mode activated, the strip will beat with the music with no need to connect it to Bluetooth or any other device.

How can I control my LED light with my phone without WiFi?

You need a Bluetooth enabled smart devices such as your phone or tablet. To control your smart bulb without WiFi, you simply turn on the light switch, open the Bluetooth app of the bulb, and the bulb automatically “found.” You then press ‘add device,’ ‘connect’ or ‘pair’ on the app.

Do led lights work with Spotify?

Apps like Spotify allows you to stream music without the need to buy that music. However, if you play the music aloud or activating the microphone mode, the strips can interact with the beats. … So, the best-led strip lights that work with Spotify can be any light with build-in micro-phones.

Can you Bluetooth led lights?

{SMARTPHONE APP CONTROLLED}: This LED Lights Bluetooth Strip will Compatible with your smart-phone . Free download the App from IOS App Store or Android Google Play . Requires iOS 8.0 ( Android system 4.3) or latter ,easy to control led lights.

Light Source Type SMD5050
Number of Light Sources 2
Voltage 12 Volts

How do I add music to led light app?

If you want to play music via “LED BLE” APP, you need to import the music into this app first, then choose the phone mode. If you import the music into this app’s song library and play music in spodify or apple music APP, you just need switch the “LED BLE” APP to the microphone mode and open your music.

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What do I do if I lost my LED remote?

The most cost-effective and, ultimately, the best option for fixing a missing remote is to replace it. To do this, go to where you purchased the LED strip light or use an online retailer such as Amazon. You will want to try to get a remote from the same manufacturer for the same LED strip light model that you have.