How do you add light bulbs to the hive?

How many Hive bulbs can you have?

You can only control one bulb at a time.

How do you reset Hive bulbs?

Turn the light off and on six times at the wall or light switch, leaving a second’s pause between each flip of the switch. The light should then flash off and on again to show that it is in pairing mode.

What light bulbs are compatible with Hive?

What you need for a smart lighting system. All you need to set up Hive smart lighting is the Hive app, a Hive Hub or Hive Hub 360, and the smart bulbs of your choice. Our app also works with Philips Hue bulbs. You can even make lighting groups containing a mix of Hive and Philips Hue.

Can you link Hive bulbs together?

You can now group your lights using Actions within the Hive app.

Can I use Hive bulbs without a hub?

You need a Hive Hub to use Hive smart lights. No Hive smart devices work without the Hive Hub. Other smart light brands can’t connect to the Hive Hub.

Are Hive bulbs WiFi?

With our Hive Lights, you just screw them in to your light fitting like normal, then use the app on your smartphone to connect to them. This is done on WiFi via a home hub – a little device that’s plugged into your broadband router.

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What do the lights mean on Hive Hub?

The lights on the Hive Hub indicate how the Hub is operating at that specific time. – No light = The Hub has no power. – Solid green = The Hub is connected and should be operating normally. – Solid red = The Hub can’t find an Internet connection. – Fast flashing green = The Hub is trying to connect to the Internet.

What plugs work with hive?

TP-Link, Philips Hue and Amazon all make good smart plugs. But the great thing about our Hive Plugs is that, as well as doing all of the above, they work seamlessly with the rest of the Hive ecosystem, including our smart thermostat, lights, sensors and cameras. So you can get your home working around you.

How do I connect Hive plug?


  1. Connect your hub to your broadband router using the Ethernet cable in the box.
  2. Connect your hub to a mains power socket using the power cable in the box. …
  3. Log-in using the Hive app or the online dashboard, and enter the hub ID when prompted. …
  4. Select “Connect” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do Alexa bulbs work with Hive?

Hive works with Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant. … Control your Heating, Lights and Plugs, simply by asking Alexa. Now we’re talking. Control your Heating, Lights and Plugs, simply by asking Alexa.

What is a Hive bulb?

Hive Active Light is a smart light bulb that you can control from your mobile device, tablet and laptop. … The Hive Active Light Cool to warm white bulb will allow you to set schedules, dimming levels, and tune your bulb from a cool blue to a warm white.

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How do I connect my hue bulb to my Hive?

If you’re a Hive user looking to integrate your Hue bulbs, just go to your Hive app, choose Add device and hit the all-new option to install a Works With device. Choose Philips Hue and continue the set-up process.