Question: How do you make a rainbow with a flashlight?

How do you make a rainbow with a flashlight and CD?

Hold the CD in the sunshine. Or if it’s a cloudy day, turn out the lights and shine your flashlight at the CD. Hold your piece of white paper so that the light reflecting off the CD shines onto the paper. The reflected light will make fabulous rainbow colors on your paper.

How do you make a paper rainbow?


  1. Add 1 drop of clear nail polish to the bowl of water. …
  2. Quickly dip the paper into the water on top of the nail polish.
  3. Set the paper on a paper towel to dry.
  4. Once the nail polish is dry (this only takes a few minutes), tilt the paper at different angles to see the rainbow patterns appear.

How do you make a rainbow out of Skittles?

Pour over enough cold water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the first plate. Pour over enough warm water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the second plate. Watch and wait as a rainbow appears on the second plate, the colors will move towards the middle and create a whirl of color.

How is a rainbow formed for kids?

Rainbows are formed when light shines through water, like when the sun shines through the rain. This light is bent and reflected, like a reflection in a mirror, and this causes all of the amazing colors that you see. … These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

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How do prisms make rainbows?

The angle of bending is different for different wavelengths of light. As the white light moves through the two faces of the prism, the different colors bend different amounts and in doing so spread out into a rainbow.

Is a rainbow real?

A rainbow is an optical illusion—it does not actually exist in a specific spot in the sky. The appearance of a rainbow depends on where you’re standing and where the sun (or other source of light) is shining. … Rainbows are the result of the refraction and reflection of light.