Question: How do you take apart a floor lamp?

How do you fix a wobbly floor lamp?

How to Tighten a Floor Lamp

  1. Examine the lamp closely to determine the source of looseness. …
  2. Unplug the lamp from the outlet. …
  3. Set a pillow on the floor. …
  4. Twist the top portion of the lamp tube (post) clockwise while holding the bottom part steady to tighten a tube that is loose in the middle of the lamp body.

How do you remove a harp base from a lamp?

If you wish to remove the harp, for adjustment or replacement, first unscrew or otherwise remove the lamp finial above the lampshade, remove the shade, and gently squeeze the harp inward just above the harp base. The harp locks into the lamp via notched “legs” that slide into the short slotted arms of the harp base.

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