Quick Answer: How does the type of circuit affect the brightness of two light bulbs?

In which type of circuit will light bulbs be brighter?

Two bulbs in a simple parallel circuit each enjoy the full voltage of the battery. This is why the bulbs in the parallel circuit will be brighter than those in the series circuit. Another advantage to the parallel circuit is that if one loop is disconnected, then the other remains powered.

What happens to the brightness of a bulb in a parallel circuit?

When the bulbs are in parallel, each bulb sees the full voltage V so P=V2R. Since a bulb glows brighter when it gets more power the ones in parallel will glow brighter. See, the parallel combination of resistors reduces the effective resistance of the circuit.

Why are 2 bulbs dimmer in a series circuit?

Why bulbs in series are dimmer

The current going through them is smaller because two bulbs in series have a higher resistance than a single bulb. Each charge only gives up some of its energy in each bulb, i.e. the p.d. across each bulb is smaller.

How is the brightness in the 2 circuits related to charge flow or current?

Brightness gets dimmer since less current or charge passing through each bulb AND smaller voltage drop across each bulb (the voltage gain at the battery is now distributed among 3 bulbs as opposed to just one).

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Will the bulbs in both the circuits glow with the same brightness?

No the bulbs won’t glow with the same brightness in both circuits. The bulb in parallel circuit will glow brighter than when connected in series.

Why does the bulb glow brighter and brighter when electric cells are connected in series?

In short, In series, both bulbs have the same current flowing through them. The bulb with the higher resistance will have a greater voltage drop across it and therefore have a higher power dissipation and brightness.

How do you find which bulb will glow brighter in parallel?

To find which bulb will glow brighter we need to find the power dissipation across each of them. From the relation P=(V*V)/R since voltage is same we can say that power dissipation will be higher for the bulb with lower resistance i.e. 60W bulb. Hence 60W bulb will glow brighter in parallel connection.