What are the white boxes on lamp posts?

What are the white boxes on the light poles?

In truth, the small white squares, Proxim Wireless transponders to be exact, perched atop a selection of the city’s intersections have more to do with ensuring safety than anything else.

What are GREY boxes on lamp posts?

Gray shoebox-sized radio devices are fastened to light poles around the city, and Metricom, a California Internet company, wants you to feel good about them. The company recently strung up 3,000 radio transceivers on street lamps and traffic lights across the city as part of a wireless Internet network called Ricochet.

What is box on electric pole?

It’s a distribution transformer, aka ‘pole pig’. It lowers the voltage from the higher voltage in the supply lines to the power used in your house.

What are the things that look like cameras on top of traffic lights?

The AGDs detecting on-coming vehicles are usually MVDs (Mircowave Vehicle Detectors), however there are also IRDs (Infra-Red Detectors) used to determine waiting vehicles at the stop line. IRDs also ‘look’ across the crossing are esentially black and white cameras.

What are the little things on top of traffic lights?

Infrared sensors are another type of sensor often used in traffic signals. Instead of being embedded in the pavement, these sensors are mounted overhead to detect the presence of vehicles in an intersection. The two types of infrared traffic sensors are active infrared sensors and passive infrared sensors.

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Do lampposts have cameras UK?

Will the street lights have CCTV cameras fitted in them? No.