What is meant by discharge lamp?

Which is discharge lamp?

Gas-discharge lamps are a family of artificial light sources that emit light by sending an electrical discharge through an ionised gas, i.e. plasma. Typically, such lamps are filled with a noble gas (argon, neon, krypton and xenon) or a mixture of these gases.

What is a discharge lamp used for?

A discharge lamp is a ‘Lamp that produces light by discharging an electric current through a gas (neon, argon, krypton) or a gas / metal vapour mixture (mercury, sodium).

Is led a discharge lamp?

LED gas-discharge lamps are an ideal alternative to conventional gas-discharge and HID lamps. Traditionally, gas-discharge lamps are used in industrial settings as well as retail. Since 2015, more and more of them have been phased out due to the harmful substances they contain as well as their inefficiency.

What is meant by gas discharge?

noun. A flow of electricity through a gas, typically accompanied by emission of light; a body of gas in which this is occurring.

What is the basic principle of gas discharge lamp?

Basic Operation Principles

Essentially, the operation principal of any gas discharge lamp involves that gas atoms or molecules are transferred into excited electronic states by impinging electrons, or alternatively by energy transfers from other gas atoms, ions or molecules.

What gas is in a UV bulb?

UVC bulbs are filled with either Argon gas or a mixture of rare gases including Argon, Neon and/or other gases depending on the germicidal requirements for your application. They are constructed similarly to fluorescent lamps and operate the same with a similar discharge device.

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