What kind of batteries does a SureFire flashlight use?

What is the difference between 123 and 123A batteries?

There are no difference between CR123 and CR123a batteries. They have the same size, only their names are different because CR123A is a most common names.

Can SureFire use 18650 batteries?

Power small electronics including LED flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and other compatible devices with the SureFire 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery.

SureFire SF18650B Specs.

Battery Type 1 x 18650
Capacity (mAh) 3500 mAh
Capacity (Wh) 12.6 Wh

Are SureFire CR123A rechargeable?

Power SureFire and other LED flashlights with this two-pack of SFLFP123 Rechargeable Lithium Phosphate Batteries. Each CR123A-size battery has a capacity of 450mAh and 1.44 Wh, and nominal voltage of 3.2V.

How long do SureFire 123A batteries last?

On average, a CR123A lithium battery will offer a lifespan of three (3) to five (5) years. The CR123A battery size is known as a “camera battery”. This is because these batteries are frequently known for their wide-spread use in photography equipment.

What does CR stand for in battery?

In reality “CR” is the chemical representation of chromium. As the CR is showing its quantity mention on the battery shows that the CR use in that particular amount. Though chromium is also used in almost all the batteries the difference in performance comes because of the quantity and different formula.

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Can I use 18650 instead of CR123?

An 18650 is 2mm wider than a CR123 battery. If I grab some CR123s will they even fit? Yes. If you want to go a rechargeable route then pick up a 16650 but just be warned that you’ll have about a 25% decrease in brightness (guessing) due to the lower voltage (4.2V vs 6V).

Do I have to use SureFire batteries?

ONLY USE rechargeable LFP 123A batteries in SureFire LED illumination tools designed to be powered primarily by disposable 123A lithium batteries, and use only those rechargeable batteries sold at surefire.com or from an authorized SureFire dealer, as these rechargeable cells are expressly for use in high-drain devices …

How long does it take to charge SureFire batteries?

The typical charge time for charging via the micro USB port for fully depleted battery can be over 5 hours. The user has an option of charging the battery with an external charger to shorten the total charge time.