Why do BMW headlights move?

Why do BMW headlights move up and down?

Auto-leveling feature, supposedly it also adjusts to vehicle speed and load.

How do I know if my BMW has adaptive headlights?

Premium Member. If it does have adaptive headlights, they will only turn when the light switch is in the ‘A’ position. When the lights are in ‘Auto ‘A” position you should see the light beam turn from side to side with the steering wheel movement.

Why do headlights move?

Curve-adaptive headlights have bulbs that pivot toward the vehicle’s direction of travel. As the driver turns the steering wheel left or right, or as sensors detect a curvature in the road, the headlights pivot in that direction to better illuminate what’s in the vehicle’s path.

How do BMW adaptive headlights work?

Curve-adaptive headlights contain sensors that detect curves in the road. They pivot toward the direction of the curve to light the road ahead. They can also change direction when you turn the wheel of your BMW to the left or right.

What causes headlights to go out of alignment?

Bad contacts, for example, can cause the motor to move beams constantly up and down. Or a headlight beam always levels down to the lowest position and stays there. … Whatever the reason, such an accidental adjustment can dramatically shorten the range of low beam headlights.

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Why do headlights need adjusting?

It’s especially important that LED bulb headlights are aligned properly. This is because they can be brighter than standard headlights and you don’t want to distract or blind other drivers, as this could be dangerous.

What is adaptive headlight malfunction BMW?

The adaptive headlight module is found under the headlight housing. … The main cause for the failure of the adaptive headlight module is water. This can happen for many reasons, such as driving through heavy rain or flooding, or going through a car wash.