Will any smart bulb work with hive?

What bulbs are compatible with Hive?

What you need for a smart lighting system. All you need to set up Hive smart lighting is the Hive app, a Hive Hub or Hive Hub 360, and the smart bulbs of your choice. Our app also works with Philips Hue bulbs. You can even make lighting groups containing a mix of Hive and Philips Hue.

Are hue bulbs compatible with Hive?

With Philips Hue and Hive you can control your Hue light bulbs that are connected to your Hue bridge from the Hive app. You can turn the Hue lights on and off, adjust the brightness, colour and white temperature. … In addition to the above features Hue lights also work with Hive Actions.

Do Lidl smart bulbs work with Hive?

A: If you invest in the Lidl Smart Home system but realise you need another bulb and Lidl aren’t selling the one you need, many devices from other manufacturers can be linked to the Lidl Home App eg. Philips Hue and Hive bulbs.

Which smart plugs work with Hive?

TP-Link, Philips Hue and Amazon all make good smart plugs. But the great thing about our Hive Plugs is that, as well as doing all of the above, they work seamlessly with the rest of the Hive ecosystem, including our smart thermostat, lights, sensors and cameras. So you can get your home working around you.

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Can you use Hive bulb without hub?

You need a Hive Hub to use Hive smart lights. No Hive smart devices work without the Hive Hub. Other smart light brands can’t connect to the Hive Hub.

How do I connect my hue bulb to my Hive?

If you’re a Hive user looking to integrate your Hue bulbs, just go to your Hive app, choose Add device and hit the all-new option to install a Works With device. Choose Philips Hue and continue the set-up process.

Do Ikea bulbs work with Hive?

Do IKEA Tradfri Lights Work with Hive? Unfortunately, No. In the Hive website, the company only listed these following technologies that are compatible with the Hive Home system: Amazon Echo and Alexa.

How do I connect lights to my Hive?

Fit the bulb into the light fitting and switch the light on. The bulb will then flash on and off to show that it is searching for (also known as pairing with) your Hub. Once your Hive Light appears on the screen, it will flash once more to confirm it’s connected. You can now name it and press “Save” to complete setup.

Can you use Siri with Hive?

Hive works seamlessly with HomeKit, Apple’s smart home platform, giving you complete control of all your smart home devices via the Apple Home app and Siri. HomeKit lets you control your Heating, Lights, and Plugs simply by asking Siri.

Can you use Hive with any boiler?

In most cases, the Hive thermostat will work just fine with your boiler. However, there are a few small exceptions. This includes solid fuel boilers (such as biomass systems and coal), and some Worcester Intelligent Appliance boilers and Worcester combi boilers.

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Can I use Hive without British Gas?

Do I need to be with British Gas to have Hive? No, any Hive products can be installed no matter who provides your energy.