Your question: How many watts is a par38 bulb?

What is the brightest PAR38 bulb?

Commercial-grade Solidity

Spot Beam LED PAR38 High Lumen LED PAR38
Light Output: 850 Lumens – 1050 lumens 1500 Lumens – 1700 lumens
Available Colors: 2700K/3000K/4100K/5000K 2700K/3000K/4100K/5000K
Key Features: Dimmable, Weatherproof. Extra High Lumen, Dimmable, Weatherproof.
Service Lifespan: 40,000 Hours 40,000 Hours

What is a 40 watt LED bulb equivalent to?

Compare wattage

Traditional bulb1 Halogen2 LED
25 watts 15 watts 2 watts
40 watts 25 watts 5 watts
60 watts 40 watts 7 watts
75 watts 45 watts 9 watts

What is the LED equivalent of a 50 watt bulb?

LED equivalents to traditional incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent Light Bulb Wattage LED Equivalent Wattage
100 Watt 10 Watt
75 Watt 7.5 Watt
60 Watt 6 Watt
50 Watt 5 Watt

Can I use a PAR 30 bulb in a PAR38 fixture?

As you can see, PAR38 has a larger diameter than a PAR30 bulb or can. Depending on your fixture, the PAR38 bulb’s connector may not even reach the receptacle, and if it does, the bulb will protrude past the fixture rather than being recessed.

How bright is PAR38?

While the average PAR38 LED Bulb is approximately 1200 lumens, this Bluex Bulbs PAR38 High Lumen Bulb boasts 3300 lumens!

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Special Feature Instant On
Bulb Shape Size PAR38

Is it OK to put a 60 watt bulb in a 40 watt socket?

As long as you don’t go over the manufacturer’s recommended wattage, you’ll be safe. If your fixture doesn’t have a wattage recommendation, the rule of thumb is to choose bulbs with 60-watts or lower.

What replaces a 40 watt bulb?

General Electric, the granddaddy of light bulbs, has developed an LED replacement for 40-watt bulbs that can last for 17 years. GE on Thursday unveiled the Energy Smart LED bulb that puts out 450 lumens–about the same output as a 40-watt incandescent–while consuming 9 watts.

Can I use a 60 watt LED in a 40 watt lamp?

customers ask is: “Can I use an LED that has a higher wattage equivalent than my fixture allows?” The simple answer is yes, as long as the LED bulb uses less wattage than your fixture.