Frequent question: How bright is a 300 watt LED light bar?

How many lumens is a 300 watt light bar?

300W LED Power. 20A@12V,9A@24V LED Current Draw. 18000 Lumens to light up the night.

How many watts is a good LED light bar?

Even though there are quite a few different factors that go into it, a good LED light bar should have a minimum of 120 watts, although 240 watts would be better in most situations. If you want to go overboard though, you can go all the way up to 800 watts or more.

How many lumens is the average light bar?

LED light bar having the right amount of lumens that illuminate to do your work. The lumen output for the lightbar will be from 6500 – 24000 lm. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light, in which the highest one will make your night as day.

How bright are light bars?

LED Light Bars typically use a 3watt Cree LED. A 50″ bar should have 90 or more LED’s and a lumen rating of 27000 or more. Epistar LED’s are common in cheaper light bars. These are rated at 3watt but aren’t as bright as Cree, so we consider them more like a 2watt light source.

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How many watts is a 52 inch light bar?


UPC 718193342479
Beam Pattern Combo
Diode Count 100
Watt 300 Watt
Watt Range 200+ Watt

How do I choose a bright light bar?

LED Light Bar Features

  1. Size. Some may argue, but size is probably one of the most important features to consider if you are thinking about adding an LED light bar to your vehicle. …
  2. Shape. …
  3. Number of Rows. …
  4. LED Color. …
  5. Water Resistance. …
  6. Mounting. …
  7. Rigid Industries. …
  8. Baja Designs.

How can you tell how bright an LED light bar is?


Lumens tell us how bright. Certainly, the lumen rating plays a part in determining the brightness of the light, but should never be the single deciding factor when choosing which LED light bar you should purchase.

How many lumens is a LED light bar?

The higher the lumens number, the more light the bulbs produce. To give you an idea of the Lumens scale, a 25-watt incandescent bulb will give off about 250 Lumens. This is equal to about 3 to 4 LEDs. A 150 Watt incandescent bulb gives off about 2,600 Lumens.

How long do LED light bars last?

The average life span of an LED integrated in a fixture is 25,000 to 30,000 hours. You should take into account that this may vary a lot. For example, there are still significant differences in quality between different LED chips.