How do you pair a Bluetooth light bulb?

How do you connect a Bluetooth light bulb?

Turn on the light fixture to which the bulb speaker is installed. The bulb speaker turns on. If the bulb speaker does not have a BLUETOOTH connection with any device press the (play/pause)/ PAIRING button. The bulb speaker automatically connects with the device that was last connected.

How do I put my smart bulb in pairing mode?


  1. Download the C by GE app and create an account.
  2. Select the “plus” icon in the top right corner of the home screen and then “Add New Devices.”
  3. Select “Lights” from the list of devices.
  4. Screw in the bulb and turn on the light.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the bulb to flash three times.

Can you sync Bluetooth light bulbs?

Sync AS MANY GEN-ROSE BULBS AS POSSIBLE Together and Party Whole Night! As long as the Bluetooth version 4.0 above of your Bluetooth device can connect the Texsens Smart Light Bulb.

How do I put my Philips bulb in pairing mode?

Establish your Philips Hue bulb and make sure everything is turned on and ready to go. Download the Philips app on your phone and get it ready to discover the device. Engage the bulb and hold the “on” and “of” buttons until the bulb starts flashing. The flashing will indicate that the bulb is ready to pair.

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Why is my smart bulb not connecting?

The most common reason why you’re not able to get your smart device to connect to the home network is the 5GHz channel bandwidth. … Apply the settings and then try connecting the LED bulb with the Wi-Fi network to check if your problem is fixed.

How do I connect my smart bulb without WiFi?

To control your smart bulb without WiFi, you simply turn on the light switch, open the Bluetooth app of the bulb, and the bulb automatically “found.” You then press ‘add device,‘ ‘connect‘ or ‘pair’ on the app. Then you control the bulb’s basic functions through the app as normal.

How do you connect your LED lights to your phone?

How to Use Smart LED Strip Lights with EZ Mode

  1. Step 1: Download LampUX App. Android and iOS users can go to the App store and download LampUX App on your phone, then register an account.
  2. Step 2: Set Up the Smart LED Light Strip. Turn on the LED strip lights and wait for 10 seconds. …
  3. Step 3: Connect the App.

Why won’t my LED lights connect to Bluetooth?

Try to reset the light strip. Reset: Press the middle button on the control box for four times while holding the power button. … Please try to unplug the light strip for 10 mins, then re-plug it.

What app do you use for Bluetooth LED lights?

Boogey Lights® Smartphone APP. The Boogey Lights® Bluetooth Smartphone APP is for use exclusively with the Boogey Lights® family of Bluetooth Hi-Intensity LED controllers.

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