Question: What is the Colour of sodium lamp?

What is the Colour of sodium Vapour lamp light?

Sodium vapor and mercury vapor lamps emit yellow and bright blue light, respectively. They are very efficient, and provide high-intensity light suitable for illuminating large, open areas.

What type of spectrum is a sodium lamp?

Sodium vapor lamps produce orange quasi-monochromatic light with only little pressure broadening. More precisely speaking, there are two closely located narrow spectral lines at 589.0 nm and 589.6 nm; that detail, however, is not significant for the visual appearance.

Do you observe yellow light in street lamps?

Answer: YELLOW—A yellow signal light warns you that the red signal is about to appear. … When you see the yellow light, you should stop, if you can do so safely. If you can’t stop, look out for vehicles that may enter the intersection when the light changes.

What is the minimum wattage of sodium Vapour lamp?

1000W High Pressure Sodium Vapour Tubular Lamp

Lighting Type High Pressure Sodium Vapour
Brand Venture
Country of Origin Made in India
Wattage 1000W
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

What is white light wavelength?

Wavelength of White Light

Above 700 mm and below 400 mm, the light is not visible. The white light is made up of seven colors viz: violet, green, indigo, orange, blue, yellow, and red. … So, the white light has the wavelength between the ranges of 400 – 700 mm.

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What is the difference between mercury lamp and sodium lamp?

The mechanism in mercury vapour lamp is more involved and sequential. … Hence, the light from the mercury vapour lamp is white. Applications. Although sodium vapour lamps produce much higher light output (about 90 lumens/watt) they cannot be used in lighting applications where colour-rendering property is very crucial.

What is the wavelength of yellow?

The visible spectrum

colour* wavelength (nm) frequency (1014 Hz)
yellow 580 5.16
green 550 5.45
cyan 500 5.99
blue 450 6.66