What are the 2 kinds of lamps found in a Source Four?

How long is a source 4?

ETC Source Four Specs

Rating 375, 575, 750 Watts
Cable 3′, fiberglass sheath, Edison Plug
Focusing 50° Tube, Stainless steel shutters
Weight 16.3 lb (7.4 kg) with C-Clamp
Dimensions 20.1 – 22.8 x 21.3 x 12.4″ (52 – 58 x 54 x 31 cm) with C-Clamp

How do you focus a source 4 zoom?

Basic Bench Focusing Steps

  1. Create a hard edge by adjusting the barrel.
  2. Center the hot spot by rotating the outer knob clockwise until the knob is tight. Loosen the knob until the hot spot is centered in the field.
  3. Flatten the field by rotating the inner knob.

What is Source 4 Forest VA?

Source4 owns and maintains a growing network of production and distribution facilities across the United States. Our customers benefit from 2-day delivery of their marketing collateral and merchandise to anywhere in the country. About.

What is a Joleko?

And an 800 Watt Joleko is a bright mothaf*cking light! Often a Joleko can easily be used as a poor man’s Xenon. They are super bright and give you a beautiful clean beam of light. Although 800Watt is the brightest lights you can stuff into a Leko, put a 19 degree lens in front of it and you’ll have plenty.

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