What does it mean to spotlight something?

What does spotlight mean in writing?

the area of immediate or conspicuous public attention: Asia is in the spotlight now. SEE MORE. verb (used with object), spot·light·ed or spot·lit, spot·light·ing. to direct the beam of a spotlight upon; light with a spotlight. to make conspicuous; call attention to: Newspapers spotlighted the story for a week.

What does it mean to shine a spotlight on something?

The English expression I want to share with you this week is “Shine a spotlight.” To shine a spotlight on something is to call attention to that thing. … All the attention on that one act of heroism also shines a spotlight on the issue of illegal immigration.

What’s the purpose of spotlight?

spotlight, device used to produce intense illumination in a well-defined area in stage, film, television, ballet, and opera production. It resembles a small searchlight but usually has shutters, an iris diaphragm, and adjustable lenses to shape the projected light.

What is another word for spotlight?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for spotlight, like: highlight, beam, public-eye, play up, attention, limelight, obscurity, notoriety, lamp, light and fame.

What does spotlight mean in Snapchat?

Spotlight is the easiest way to discover the world of Snapchat in one place and see perspectives from across our community. It shines a light on the most entertaining Snaps, no matter who created them.

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What is Spotlight for people?

to make people pay a lot of attention to someone or something, for example by writing about them in a newspaper. The recent scandal served to spotlight the president’s privacy problems. Synonyms and related words. To make something more obvious or noticeable. emphasize.

What does under the spotlight mean?

If someone or something comes under the spotlight, they are thoroughly examined, especially by journalists and the public. The economy will come under the spotlight today at the conference.

What’s a word for bring attention to?

What is another word for bring attention to?

emphasiseUK emphasizeUS
heighten illuminate
impress insist on
intensify press
prioritiseUK prioritizeUS

How do you get into spotlight?

To make sure your unique talents and value stay—or get—in the spotlight, try these six ways of generating buzz.

  1. Make friends. …
  2. Practice public speaking. …
  3. Practice open—and frequent—communication. …
  4. Participate in social networks and media conversations about your passionate interests.