Why do building lights stay on at night?

Why are construction sites lit at night?

Safety issues are always a concern for contractors. When darkness or other difficult conditions exist, these concerns multiply. With so many construction zones occupied by workers at night, a good source of light is needed for crews to get their jobs done safely and efficiently.

What are OSHA requirements for lighting?

General construction areas require a minimum of 5 foot-candles of illumination, and plants and shops require at least 10 foot-candles. For other types of workplaces, the minimum illumination standards are as follows: First-aid stations and infirmaries: 30 f-c. Warehouses, walkways, and exits: 10 ft-c.

What are light towers used for?

Light towers are used for construction. Some purveyors promote their use for other activities where strong, temporary, outdoor illumination may be wanted, such as mining, motion picture production, demolition, emergency services, oil refining, sport or agricultural sectors.

What kind of lighting do you typically see at these road construction sites?

Problem. Lighting that you see at typical roads sites include: existing lighting, portable lights, warning signs, and equipment-mounted lights. portable lighting= generate a larger amount of white light, intensity is low, wavelength is short.

Who owns the Empire State building?

The Empire State Building is the ultimate trophy property. Savvy real estate pros will know that today, it’s owned by Tony Malkin’s Empire State Realty Trust — but they might not know the winding path it took to become the crown jewel of the publicly traded REIT’s portfolio.

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