You asked: How do you reset LED lights without remote?

Can you turn on LED lights without remote?

All you need to do is plug your LED strip light into the wall and leave it on and unplug it when you want it to turn off. … If the receiver function can be detached, you may want to do that before plugging in the LED strip light.

How do you reset Bluetooth LED Strip Lights?

If you purchased a Bluetooth Light Strip in 2020 or a new Direct Connect Light Strip (released in 2020), you will have a factory reset button on the strip. Press and hold the button for 10+ seconds to reset.

Is there an app to control my led lights?

Lumenplay® is an extendable string of app-enabled RGB LED lights that enables you to create scenes of color and motion, all from your smart device. Use the free Lumenplay® app to setup a personalized light show by choosing color combinations, effects, speed, direction and brightness.

How can I control my led light with my phone without WiFi?

You need a Bluetooth enabled smart devices such as your phone or tablet. To control your smart bulb without WiFi, you simply turn on the light switch, open the Bluetooth app of the bulb, and the bulb automatically “found.” You then press ‘add device,’ ‘connect’ or ‘pair’ on the app.

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Can you use any app for led lights?

APP Control

You can remotely control your led tape lights by your smartphone APP. You can also easily change brightness, color, mode, speed and as much as 16 colors. Compatible with all kinds of smart-phone, Android/IOS. … Just scan the QR code and download the app, which is great simple and easy for operation.